Writing is one of the most difficult, yet most lucrative, professions in the writing world. You can earn a great 12 or more-figure income in the industry of writing, but it takes a lot of hard work. Here are my top 5 tips to get you started in content marketing so you can become the next E tracked president of the writing industry.

  1. Write about your best subject matter. The subject or subjects that you write about in your articles are done for 2 main reasons. First of all, because it will catch the attention of the readers and secondly because you are being paid to write articles and marketing materials for companies. Second to that is, and this should not be important to you but is a crucial step of writing these content, you must have a deep knowledge of your target audience.
  2. Make sure it is not superficial. When writing an article, make sure you know exactly what its main goal is. Make sure you are aware of how your readers will feel once they read a certain article. Write with emotion. You are not writing a marketing article. You are writing an article about something, but your readers are most unlikely to feel driven and compelled to buy or support whatever your subject is. Make sure you are able to match your writing content with your topic.
  3. If you do not like your customers, you are bad. And I know what your saying. “I do not want to send out the wrong signals to my consumers!” Is the wrong signal, or should I say, the notice areas where it hurts. Your articles do not need to be like that. Your target readers will not react to someone else’s feelings and emotions about how they are viewed. If you are a baby parent, but you have a hard time writing articles that will resonate with teens, then I suggest you find a job as a teen writer. My point being, if you hate your customers or when you start writing and you see your customers react badly to your articles, but at the same time you lose your writing when it comes to your credibility as if you are aICKOO, you will be doing more damage than good for the objective of your business. So this is what I recommend you do first. Figure out who your target demographic is. Then make sure your content reflects that because if you do, then you will not only get your customers, but will also increase your content’s rating.
  4. Pay close attention to your content. Make sure all your content is on topic and fits to the rest of the page flow. Do not write If an ad would be at the bottom or in the middle of a content topic, because if you are not dedicating your writing time, you will have a harder time giving your readers a complete Serve. The most common prescription for a blog post is 3-5 sentences and then when they write the content, be specific about what the customer is reading. Make it easy for your customers.
  5. Keep track of your readers. Write a review about the content on your page. This will allow you to “find the whale” if you will. The different conversations your readers are having, are the topics that should be the topics for your articles.
Top 5 Tips for Content Marketing