I find very interesting how many people love the platform, but leave it out!

I have found that Business Professionals, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Sales People, along with the IT types love the platform, appreciation is high and base is plenty, but they forget the end result.

Remember to write your profile in the correct way, and make sure your contact information is correct, maybe mine is a little awkward, or you can correct it.

The complete profile includes all the information you want to include such as you favorite profession, what you do every day, your experience, what you do every year, your total present day income, and include the area of expertise (if of program or service).

You can see I also included My age, Who I am, and included my pets.

What I am doing is using the compose tool, which is free and allows you to actually write your entire profile in one sitting. When you have completed it (it is yours for a little bit), you will then be able to go back over it and edit it (it is yours for a little bit), and change some information such as, change your profile pic.

This is a great platform to have a place of your business where people can always contact you for your career consulting needs. It is a good way to build a business as long as you know how to network, but more than that it is free to start.

When you take the activity of this tool a step further and start getting listed in LinkedIn you will attract attention to yourself. The recruiting companies use this as a way to find talent, so you can also get listed in some recruiting organizations, making sure your profile is one of the first to appear.

If I remember correctly LinkedIn was working for a Recruiter in the beginning, and this is how she ended up making more money than any other Human Resource professional in North America, now people are taking it more seriously. You really need to get active here and start making your profile the primary source for getting potential clients to you.

How to Market Effectively Using LinkedIn